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Laboratory of fascia release

Fascia release under ultrasonography
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Laboratory of fascia release

Fascia release by injections
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Laboratory of fascia release

Fascia release by manual therapy
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Laboratory of Fascia Release

Welcome to website of Laboratory of Fascia Release,.

Laboratory of Fascia Release is research institute that was established in 2018 .

Our mission is research for pain release such as Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS), fascia, trigger point by fascia release.

Especially we are targeting to make efficient treatment method with visualization of fascia under ultrasonography.

About Fascia Release

Abnormal situation on fascia such as so called trigger point may cause chronic pain.

These chronic pain can be removed by release of abnormal situation on fascia.subacromial bursa

These abnormal situation on fascia can be observed under ultrasonography. And they can be released by injection of physiological saline, local anesthetic, dry needling, physical therapy and so on.

We are researching efficient observation and treatment of fascia with ultrasonography. Also we are providing educational information through this website.